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5 Tips to Dating Consciously

by Erin Fall Haskell

Click the link below to listen to a great podcast on the 5 Tips to Dating Consciously:


An En’Light’ening conversation with matchmaker Marla Martenson about dating consciously.  She has been connecting people for over fifteen years in the Los Angeles area and has come to some simple insights on what people like and don’t like when dating.  We sat down before our interview and broke it down into 5 Tips to help single people in their divine journey of attracting love.

Click here to listen to the 5 Tips to Date Consciously Interview

“Love Yourself, Love Your Life… Then you will attract your soulmate.” ~ Marla Martenson

In this podcast they discuss:

  • Why doing your “Inner Work” is a must!

  • The difference between transcending relationships vs transactional relationships

  • How being empowered is sexy

  • Don’t be too rigid and be open to the universe

  • How loving your life is the secret to attracting love into your life

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Dr. Erin Fall Haskell, Doctor of Divinity, New Thought Leader, Transformational Author and Speaker, Conscious Entrepreneur, Global Peace Leader Award 2016, Mother and Lover of Life!

Erin lives in Los Angeles, where she is featured in television, radio, magazines, and top blogs as the expert “Spiritual Coach.” She is the “Dear Abby” of the consciousness movement where she focuses on bringing fun to “The Shift” in La La Land. After many years of counseling top celebrities and Grammy winners she wanted to bring her programs to the masses. Her book Awakening; A 30-Day Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Guru, comes to bookstores near you in 2017. Claiming her birthright of prosperity and abundance, she is a self-made millionaire and an active philanthropist. Bottom line, she attributes her happiness and fulfillment to the sp@iritual truth, which is not just knowing the universal truth, but living it!

“There are moments in life when something happens, life alters, and your entire perception transforms instantaneously.” For Erin, that moment was 22 years ago when she was holding her stillborn son in her arms, just after giving birth to him. “Tears were streaming down my face as I looked at his beautiful body and realized his body was still there, but he wasn’t. I realized he wasn’t his body; he is a spiritual being. One can conceptually understand that we are not these bodies, but I got it on an entirely different level, my entire world crumbled, delivering me to spiritual revelation.” This sent her on an intense spiritual quest traveling around the world, discovering truths and working with gurus and spiritual masters learning how to live and embody the truths that had been revealed.