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Our successful 13-year marriage began with a long-distance dating journey across the U.S.

by Steven B. Carpenter

The moral of this story is, don’t let long distance be a factor to keep you from meeting your soulmate!

Meeting the proverbial “girl next door” always sounded good, but let’s be realistic in today’s day and age – with the internet anything is possible!

In 2003, I started to try online dating for the first time. After 7 years as a single father I really wanted to meet someone special and like-minded to share my life with and my two young boys. I never knew that journey would lead me to meeting that special person all the way across the United States!

Patience is key! After several months of trying traditional dating sites like I dated a number of interesting but not so compatible women living right in my area of San Francisco Bay Area. The problem was not meeting people, the problem was meeting THE right person.

After creating a profile on a niche dating site for 6 months in May 2004 I received an inquiry from a cute girl who expressed interest to get to know me better. She lived in Atlanta Georgia! At first I said, yeah right that will never work out! Then, another voice inside me said, she could be the one. What could it hurt to have a conversation right?

Well, after talking on the phone for several months and exchanging love notes by email I realized that we really hit it off so I finally decided to fly out to Atlanta Georgia to meet her. Sandra was a native of Colombia, South America and had been living in America for many years and was ready to settle down. She also did not care where her soulmate lived and was open to relocating anywhere in the country.

After a wonderful time in Atlanta and a weekend trip to the Florida coast, she decided to visit me and my boys in wine country California. Our connection just got stronger and stronger, and she really bonded quickly with my boys. However, when she went back to Atlanta her single friends thought she was crazy dating someone so far way and tried to talk her out of the relationship. But the distance apart just made our love for each other grow stronger.

After 6 months we decided to get married and she moved to California to live with me and my boys. Although, there was a long period of adjustments with our new family, Sandra and I continued to grow spiritually together. In Jan 2017 we had our own daughter Zileana Joy together. We are happily married after 13 years and we are really glad we decided to take a leap of faith and listen to our hearts and not let distance separate true love and spiritual connection.

Steven B. Carpenter